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Personal Recommendations

Here are some recommendations I've received from my students:-

I’m a very anxious driver and Stephanie managed to make me feel calm, in control, confident and actually enjoy driving!!
She’s very organised and has great tips for learning to drive! Very reasonable prices and I’m very happy to have had lessons with her! Thank you!

Becky, from Kings Lynn

(Copied, with permission, from a Thank You card)
Thank you for your patience in teaching me to drive.
You are a great instructor and I have been highly recommending you to others.

Bret, 21, from Stevenage. Passed test - June 2019

(Copied, with permission, from a post in my Facebook group)
I'm Happy! (to have passed test)
Also like to add you have been an amazing instructor. Always on time, always prepared and very good at explaining the science called driving. I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know you and will miss you.

Greta, 38, from Stevenage. Passed test - June 2017

(Copied, with permission, from a post in my Facebook group)
Thank you so much Stephanie! You were fantastic to have as an instructor :)!!

Patience, humour and encouragement all helped make driving a very fun and less daunting experience, whilst also giving me the confidence I needed to understand the roads and pass my test, so I can't thank you enough!

Tom, 22, from Stevenage. Passed test - November 2016

(Copied, with permission, from a post in my Facebook group)
Learning to drive certainly didn't come easily to me, but having someone to help and talk and joke made it fun and so worthwhile. Jessica loves the new car and Mummy being able to take her to special places like Daddy!
It really is a life changing thing. There's not enough words to describe it: a bit deep, but thank you.
I'll miss our lessons. People are lucky to have you.

Sarah, 29, from Letchworth. Passed test - April 2016

Thank you for getting me through (the driving test). Regardless of what today's result was, you are a fantastic teacher.
Onwards and Upwards!

Richard, 24, from Stevenage. Passed test - November 2015

(Copied, with permission, from a post in my Facebook group)
I can never thank you enough for all you have done for me, Stephanie! Here's to my freedom ... the best gift you can ever give anybody!
To all you guys awaiting your tests - watch all the tutorials (in the Facebook group), have faith in yourselves and our lovely Stephanie will get you through.

Emma, 44, from Stevenage. Passed test - January 2015

Stephanie was a fantastic driving instructor. I was quite nervous to begin with, as I'm a bit older that the average learner, but my mind was put at ease. Stephanie made me feel really confident about driving, which really helped when it came to the test - I passed first time! I'd thoroughly recommend Stephanie - she was just what I needed.

Verity, 30, from Stevenage. Passed test - Jan 2015

(Copied, with permission, from a post in my Facebook group)
I would like to say a massive thank you to you, Stephanie, for everything you did for me. This took me a long time (with another instructor before). I had only a few hours with Stephanie and passed with only one minor fault. I still can't believe it. I owe so much to you. Thank You!

Karrie, 29, from Letchworth. Passed test - June 2014

I cannot recommend Stephanie enough. Having previously had an instructor I felt was a little inconsiderate of my worries about the test (and roundabouts!).

Stephanie's understanding and welcoming personality was a much needed change, which did wonders for my confidence. She thoroughly listened to my fears and encouraged me to face them at my own pace.

As my test approached she tailored lessons to what I felt worried about and gave me an abundance of advice, not just practical driving tips, but techniques to calm my nerves too. Despite having a rather challenging exam, including stray footballs and horse boxes, I passed first time! This was undoubtedly due to Stephanie's emphasis on forward thinking and planning throughout the learning process. All in all a fantastic instructor, thank you Stephanie!

Charly from Welwyn, aged 21. Passed test: Summer 2013

Having previously had a different teacher, my confidence was low at the prospect of needing to change and I felt nowhere near ready to pass.
Stephanie made a massive difference to my driving, building up my confidence, always being kind and patient; making the learning as accessible as she could for me.
I passed first time and definitely have her to thank for that.

Olivia from Hertford, aged 17. Passed test: End of 2013

I would like to Thank you so much for all your and support in teaching me to drive.
It was refreshing to have an instructor who was patient and reassuring, even with my pregnant hormone overload. :)
No doubt I will be recommending yourself to others.

Emma, from Ware. Passed test Spring 2013

Thank you so much for teaching me how to drive. It is greatly appreciated. I will be recommending you to all my friends who are looking to drive.

Taylor, from Stevenage, aged 17. Passed test March 2012

I am extremely grateful to Stephanie. Her help was invaluable. She is very professional and kind. Thanks to her I was approved on my first go! Thank you Stephanie. I am very lucky to have found you.

Julio, from Preston (near Hitchin), aged 25. Passed test January 2012

Stephanie is the perfect instructor if you want to be a safe and confident driver in the long-term. She doesn't just teach you the necessary basics to enable you to pass the test, but also goes out of her way to cater lessons to your particular needs and any weaknesses you might need to work on, all with endless patience and encouragement. Her years of experience mean she knows exactly what potential problems you might have and how she can help you to overcome them.

I always looked forward to my lessons, despite not being too enthusiastic about driving before I started learning. I never felt rushed or pressured, and I was amazed how quickly I improved week by week.

Beth, from Hitchin, aged 19. Passed test Autumn 2011

I chose Stephanie after reviewing comments on her website and it turned out to be the best decision I made. All the comments mention how patient and reassuring she was but until you have had a lesson with her you wouldn’t understand how right they are.

My nerves always got the better of me during lessons and tests and by 30 years old I still didn’t have my licence and didn’t enjoy driving whatsoever.

Stephanie managed somehow to make me feel confident and relaxed whilst driving. I started to look forward to next lessons and even felt ready to take the practical test. I passed first time with Stephanie and think if she had been my instructor at the earlier stages I would have passed years ago.

Could not recommend you enough – Stephanie, you are fantastic!!!!!

Maryanne, aged 30, Baldock. Passed test Spring 2011

After 4 failed driving instructors and 10 years of lessons, Stephanie made me feel comfortable and not rushed as I had been in the past! I also passed first time! The Facebook site is also a great place to catch up with people who are learning and have passed. It really is difficult to put in few words how great you were Stephanie.

Melanie, then aged 27, Stevenage. Passed test Autumn 2009

I would definitely recommend Stephanie as a Driving Instructor, if anybody feels they need a very pleasant, reliable & very professional person to get them through their driving test. At the ripe old age of 50 I decided that I must learn to drive, 6 months later I passed my test first time.

Patrick, then aged 50, Woolmer Green. Passed test Summer 2009

I would definitely recommend Stephanie as a Driving Instructor, as she is a good teacher, who gives clear and accurate instructions how to drive, very patient to our mistakes, pleasant to deal with, a punctual and reliable person with a good sense of humour, which helps a lot when you struggle to learn manoeuvres at the age of 51. 10 months later I passed my test first time.

Galina, Stevenage. Passed test Summer 2006

First class tailored tuition.

Liz, then aged 30, Hitchin. Passed test Spring 2011

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