The way to learn to drive


This section gives a little more detail on the services I provide as a driving instructor.

Door to Door service

I will pick you up for your driving lesson from school, home or work and, at the end of the lesson, either return you there or to home, work or school.

The only restriction to this is if your home, work or school is outside my catchment area.

Help with Theory test

Sometimes pupils have problems with hazard perception test and theory test practice and in those cases I have worked with them at their home to improve their performance to pass these tests.

Refresher Lessons

For those drivers who haven't driven often since they have passed their driving test re-starting to drive can be a worrying experience. I can help by doing lessons to improve your confidence in driving both around town and on the motorway.

Motorway Lessons

Often as a new driver driving along, entering and leaving motorways is a new experience - a skill not currently practised as part of the driving test. These motorway lessons are intended to improve your confidence and capability in handling the potential situations that occur in motorway driving that don't occur elsewhere.


Page last updated: 11 July 2022