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This page covers news items of relevance for both qualified and learner drivers - covers items you might (or might not) have seen in recent news programmes .

There are unlicensed Instructors out there!

This news item covers unlicensed driving instructors who teach Learners when they shouldn't and the police efforts to catch them. Basically a Qualified ADI has an up-to-date badge they should display - if it's not there or invalid you might not be being taught by a qualified instructor - with all the risks that entails.

On the spot driving fines in the UK

Effective from August 16 2013 were changes to the driving laws covering tailgating, lane hogging with respect to them being offences eligible for "on the spot" fines as well as penalty charges being increased for other offences such as mobile phone use. There was a Daily Mail article covering the changes in some depth.

Changes to Epilepsy rules

New rules are now in place covering epilepsy. Should you be prone to epileptic fits then this normally bars you from driving if your fits happen when you are conscious. However if they ONLY occur when you are asleep then you can now re-apply for your license 12 months after your first fit (was 3 years). The same period now also applies for epileptic people who don't lose consciousness or the ability to act when they fit (the existing criteria for these epileptics was 12 months free of seizures).

Changes to sight test standards

New rules are now in place covering eyesight requirements but these mainly affect Category 2 driving groups (Lorries, Taxis and Buses) who have stricter eyesight standards, this category of driver must now have their "better" eye meet the standard and the lesser eye meet a much lower minimum standard.

Reading a number plate in the test is still the visual standard to meet (see here) but learners with some sorts of eye conditions have to meet requirements on visual acuity (how sharply you can see) and the available field of vision (i.e. how widely each individual eye can see) and what any visual difficulties are. Brief descriptions of the limits are on this page, you can check with your optician whether you meet those standards.

Page last updated: 11 July 2022